Top 10 Houston Engagement Photoshoot Locations

Due to popular demand from our clients, we have compiled a list of beautiful engagement photoshoot locations in and around Houston for all our bride-to-be's and groom-to-be's to consider! If you don't have a location in mind yet for your engagement photoshoot session, feel free to check out the following recommendations and photos to get your creative juices flowing! (This list is in no particular order.)

1. Gus S. and Lyndall F. Wortham Park​​

This small park is kind of a hidden gem. Very few people know about it, but it's actually an awesome photoshoot location because (1) it's not crowded, (2) good variety of backgrounds, including greens, grass field, nice water fall, water fountain, trees, etc.

Check out the following photoshoots for some ideas:

Most of this grad shoot was also done at this small park which is located near the medical center:

2. Menil Collection

This is a high-quality art museum in the Montrose area that offers free admission. The architecture is great, and there are leading lines everywhere, perfect for photogenic shots. The Montrose area has that unique, artsy feel, so for all the artsy couples out there, the Menil Collection makes for a very special engagement photoshoot location.

3. Midtown Park

Another hidden gem that not many know about. Small park but it's got everything you need for an engagement photoshoot: grass, bridge, stairs, swings, trees, large backdrop, quietness, etc. Check it out.

4. The Waterwall

Probably everyone knows about this. Breathtaking waterfall and nice grass field, along with arch door architecture. Great location (when it's not too crowded). And, it's right by the huge Galleria mall, so you can go shopping after the engagement photoshoot. :)

5. Hermann Park

One of the most popular engagement photoshoot locations in Houston. Located in the museum district, this park has a lot going on. It also got train tracks as well as a large body of water in the park, which could be a nice touch to engagement photos.

These photoshoots were done at Hermann Park:

6. Buffalo Bayou

Another great park to shoot engagement photos at. It's got the Houston skyline as backdrop since it's right next to downtown Houston. For those couples who like an urban touch to their engagement photos, this is a great choice.

Please note that the photos with the murals were done at a different location. See #8 below.

7. Rice University

Rice University is obviously a great location for the intellectual types. But not only that, it's very pretty and scenic for all couples interested in a location with red bricks, old school academic feel, etc.

Most of this shoot was done at Rice:

8. Murals in Downtown Houston

Murals are always fun and amazing backdrops for photoshoots. This location in downtown Houston has about a dozen murals for couples to choose from. They also get updated from time to time. Very nicely painted murals and some even have LOVE painted on them, perfect for engagement photos.

9. Sugar Land Memorial Park

This park is quite nice, it has a large lake which allows very nice reflection, and it also has lots of greens, grass, trees, etc., so that'll be good for a photoshoot. I came across this location while going fishing with some friends. I have yet to do a photoshoot here but can see that it's perfect for engagement photos. The Sugar Land Memorial Park is located at: 15300 University Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479.

This is what it looks like:

10. League Park

This small park in League City looked ordinary in the beginning, but upon closer exploration we found quite a few very unique photo spots packed in a small area. It made the photoshoot session very focused, efficient, but at the same time the photos that came out of it have a good variety of backgrounds and feels, as if we've visited a few locations to get these shots. The antique feel of some of these backgrounds also made a great match with TX cowboy looks.